The Story Behind the Brand

Founder and Creative Director Marion Zaniello grew up paralleling down 1980s slopes when ski culture was at its height of cool, crazy and bizarre.  By 1984 stretch pants, racing sweaters and color blocked jackets epitomized west coast ski fashion.  Helmets were still many years off the scene and classic rock was firmly on the lifties’ airwaves (where they’ve oddly remained to this day).  Most exciting, however, was the increasing acceptance of freestyle sports in the professional world of skiing.  Newly organized events such as ski ballet, aerial jumps and moguls showcased talent that was both technically challenging and mind bogglingly graceful.  Personal style played a big role in these events, as well. The athletes understood that looking good while showing off was paramount to the overall performance.  These were the glory days of ski culture.
By the early 1990s skiwear took a turn toward the serious and dull, even in team events.  Jackets and pants became more technically superior with the rise of Gore-Tex, but silhouettes grew increasingly shapeless and colors less vibrant. Especially for women, whose only options became barely feminized versions of men’s ski fashions.  Women who found and dared to dress in outfits with even a hint of glamour were not considered “serious” skiers. 
Team Event is born out of nostalgia for the “glory” days of skiing.  The collection offers a modern, stylish and technically sophisticated way to bring joy and sass back to the slopes.  With Team Event, we bring the opportunity for women to showcase their slopeside skills with style and fun.  The Team Event collection uses top quality technical fabrics from Switzerland that are ethically produced and meet Bluesign® criteria. The styles are manufactured with great expertise in factories that specialize in outdoor apparel and provide an ethical working environment for its employees.